Laser Oxide Scale Definition

example of laser oxide scale

Laser oxide scale is an outer layer forming on laser-cut metal pieces due to extremely hot temperatures and oxygen and has a glossy, bluish appearance. Most of all, this scale stops any powder covering or paint from adhering to the metal base.

Companies spend considerable sums of money to make aesthetically pleasing things. Yet, this layer of oxide is a weak point for steel parts; any coating can be easily chipped off or flaked, leaving the substrate vulnerable to environmental agents, thus nullifying the protective layers of metal.

Getting rid of the oxide scale is essential during the metal fabrication procedure. Fortunately, it is an uncomplicated solution: pre-wash systems.

In a pre-wash system, which is usually multi-stage, one of the primary steps is an acid or chemical bath that eliminates the oxide scale. This straightforward step eliminates the possibility of air and moisture damaging the steel substrate.

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