5 Decades of Punishing Experience Tells the Vivacious Tale of High-Edge Build E-Coat

At its core, high-edge build e-coat is a type of protective metal finishing used in many industries for several decades. This e-coat has become an essential part of the manufacturing process, providing several benefits for companies of all shapes and sizes, from automotive and aerospace to electronics and telecommunications.

The history of the e-coat dates back to the 1960s, developed to provide better protection for metal parts in the automotive industry. Over the years, it has become more sophisticated, with new techniques and technologies enhancing its performance and expanding its applications.

Industries today use it for various purposes, from providing corrosion protection and improving durability to enhancing aesthetics and reducing friction.

A Brief History

As mentioned, high-edge build e-coat was first developed in the 1960s to provide better corrosion protection for automotive parts. The process involves dipping metal parts into an electrically charged bath of paint, which then sticks to the part’s surface through an electrochemical process, resulting in a thin, even coating that provides excellent protection against corrosion and other types of damage.

Over the years, this protective coating has become more advanced and sophisticated, with new techniques and technologies developed to enhance their performance and expand their applications. Several variations of high-edge build e-coat are available, each with unique properties and applications.

How it Works

Enhanced image of a high-edge build e-coat performed on a knife blade edge test.
Enhanced image of a high-edge build e-coat performed on a knife blade edge test.

Made from a combination of polymers, resins, and other chemicals and applied electrostatically, the liquid bonds to the surface of the metal, evenly coating all areas. The metal substrate travels through a curing oven at a specific temperature to ensure the highest level of protection. The electrostatic charge of the coating helps to attract the molecules to the surface of the metal, creating a strong bond that’s highly resistant to corrosion, wear and tear, and environmental damage.

Max Gillette, Sales & Engineering Manager for CWF and Schuette Metals, said the high-edge provides greater protection in areas where it’s needed.

The knife blade edge test, Gillette said, illustrates this process.

With the high-edge build e-coat we offer, we have a much more uniform coating on sharp corners for the products we coat, giving parts’ edges much better corrosion resistance in the areas most prone to rusting. The high-edge product also gives our powder coat more surface area to adhere to, enhancing corrosion protection.

This process also contains many other advanced technologies helping to maximize its protection and durability, including advanced corrosion inhibitors defending the metal from corrosion and proprietary resins and polymers, helping create a stronger bond to the metal. The coating also contains several other additives which improve its performance.


There are several key benefits to using high-edge as a protective metal finishing, including:

  • Excellent corrosion protection, helping to prevent rust and other types of damage caused by exposure to the elements, particularly in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and marine
  • Offers excellent durability, helping to extend the lifespan of metal parts and reduce the need for costly repairs or replacements
  • Enhances the aesthetics of metal parts, providing a smooth, even finish that is visually appealing
  • Reduces friction and wear, particularly in moving parts such as bearings and gears, improving the efficiency and performance of machinery and equipment


There are several high-edge coatings available, each with unique properties and applications. Some of the most common types of high-edge build e-coat include:

  • Cathodic E-Coat: The most commonly used and provides excellent corrosion protection, ideal for the automotive and aerospace industries.
  • High-Build E-Coat: Provides a thicker coating than other types of e-coat, ideal for heavy-duty applications such as marine and industrial equipment.

Cost Comparison vs. Other Products

The high-edge build e-coat is highly cost-effective, offering businesses a great way to protect their metal components and products. The cost of the high-edge build e-coat is comparable to other coatings, making it a brilliant choice for businesses wanting to save money. The coating also offers superior protection, making it an ideal choice for businesses that want to maximize their investments.

Compared to other coatings, the high-edge build e-coat is more cost-effective and highly efficient, meaning businesses save on labor costs, eliminating the need for manual application. The coating also offers superior protection and durability, meaning that businesses can save money by extending the life of their metal components and products.


The high-edge build e-coat is a revolutionary product developed by E-Coat Solutions, Inc. that has revolutionized how businesses protect their metal components and products. This coating protects metal components and products from corrosion, wear and tear, and environmental damage. It also adds a beautiful finish to any item, making it look new and attractive.

The e-coat has become popular among businesses with its superior protection and attractive finish. Not only is it a superb choice to protect metal components and products, but it also helps to significantly extend their life expectancy.

With its advanced technology, the high-edge build e-coat provides the highest level of protection and durability for any item, making it the perfect choice for any business.

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