Green Initiatives

Commitment to the Environment

Concept of greener solutions by showing a hand, holding a tree, inside a light bulb, with a city in the background.

There’s a common misconception that industrial companies can’t be eco-friendly. We’re here to break that stereotype. At our facility, we intertwine environmental consciousness with energy efficiency, integrating several innovative green technologies.

Enhanced Zirconium Pretreatment

Many powder coating companies have traditionally relied on chrome and zinc phosphate pretreatments. This process, unfortunately, produces hazardous waste. We’ve shifted to Zirconium Pretreatment, a cleaner alternative that mitigates environmental risks.

Smart Heat Harvesting

Wisconsin winters are known for their cold weather. During these months, we use a heat harvesting system to reclaim and utilize the heat generated by our curing ovens.

Efficient Oven Settings

We’ve included automated shutoff and preheat functions on our ovens. These features bring added convenience and, most importantly, energy savings.

Adaptable Frequency Drives

Our powder coating lines employ Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs). These regulate our nine-stage wash and curing ovens and are programmable, which allows us to control electrical consumption, thus contributing to energy efficiency.

Water Conservation Practices

While water may seem plentiful in our area, we recognize its scarcity elsewhere. Conscious of this, our nine-stage wash system uses advanced water conservation technology, reducing our water usage by 20%.

Advanced Dust Filtration

Dust particles can pose risks to both the quality of our product’s finish and the health of our employees. We’ve invested in a pressurized facility to keep particles at bay and an advanced filtration system to remove airborne contaminants.

Motion-Activated Lighting

Our facility has motion sensors (except for the powder coating line)—lights are only on when needed, helping us save energy and reduce our environmental impact.

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