Full Definition of Sagging

Example of the problem of sagging during a powder coating process
Example of Sagging

When powder coating, one of the most common problems is the Sagging of the powder weight on the surface caused by improper grounding, which happens when not using the right tools to apply consistent ground. The result is an uneven finish with ripples and dips in the powder coating, making it look like someone applied paint instead.

Companies often add more powder than necessary to compensate for this problem, increasing costs and potentially making the finished product look worse. Powder coating companies must use proper grounding techniques to ensure a smooth finish without added costs.

With proper grounding, the powder weight will be manageable, resulting in sagging of the layer and an uneven finish, which leads to additional expenses, unsatisfied customers, and a lower quality product overall. To avoid these issues, using the right equipment to properly ground the product before applying any powder coatings is important. Doing this correctly will help to ensure a smooth finish and save time and money in the long run.

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