9-Stage Wash System

Viewing tanks outside Central Wisconsin Finishing's 9-Stage wash system.

At Central Wisconsin Finishing, our key strength lies in our advanced 9-stage wash system that significantly outperforms the competition in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, and environmental sustainability. This intricate yet streamlined system offers superior cleanliness to all parts that undergo the finishing process.

By achieving this high level of cleanliness, we facilitate better paint adhesion, which reduces the occurrence of rejects and unnecessary delays. This efficient process helps maintain consistent quality and meet the strict timelines of our clients.

Surface Preparation

The process starts with thoroughly cleaning to remove all dirt, grease, and contaminants from the part’s surface. This cleaning process ensures no impurities might interfere with the subsequent stages of the process.

In the second step, we use a specialized process known as laser edge removal. This technique is used to accurately eliminate burrs and rough edges that may have been left on the part after fabrication. It allows us to prepare the surface optimally for applying the protective metal finish.

Metal Component entering the first of a 9-stage wash system.
Metal Component entering the first of a 9-stage wash system.

Next, we introduce the parts to our signature 9-stage Torrent™ washer system. This proprietary system features remote tanks that provide unparalleled efficiency and cleanliness. The meticulously engineered stages of the wash system are devised to progressively clean, rinse, and condition the parts, leaving them impeccably ready for the coating process.

To ensure the efficacy of our wash process, we’ve incorporated the Coral Guardian chemical monitoring system. This advanced system persistently checks the balance of chemicals used in the washing stages. It automatically adjusts the chemical composition if required, maintaining an optimal cleaning environment and assuring the best possible surface preparation.

Finally, before the parts head off to the coating phase, they undergo an ARL-TTC490-compliant zirconium pretreatment. Zirconium, a highly adhesive and corrosion-resistant metal, enhances the adhesion of the subsequent layers of coating and ensures the longevity of the finish. The pretreatment process we use fully complies with the ARL-TTC490 specifications, further attesting to the high standards that we adhere to.

Green Initiatives

However, our commitment to environmental sustainability truly sets us apart. Our advanced system uses 20% less water than traditional cleaning systems while delivering superior results. This significant reduction in water consumption reflects our conscious effort to reduce our environmental footprint while maintaining and even enhancing our quality standards.

Central Wisconsin Finishing ensures that each part is prepared with the utmost care and precision. This attention to detail guarantees the optimal quality of our finished products and sets us apart from our competition.

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