Dynamic Contour Detection

CWF recently upgraded our paint booth in our Rothschild facility to a dynamic contour detection system from Gema:

  • The highest degree of coating application flexibility.
  • Covering a range of component geometries and the most demanding application demands.
  • Applying a consistent coating to almost any part size.

This solution is scalable from small to large parts, increasing productivity and efficiency. In addition, using multi-gun stations simultaneously results in higher flexibility, productivity, and efficiency.

The Dynamic Contour Detection Process

Gema provides an excellent video illustrating the process.

The Gema dynamic contour detection system.
The Gema Dynamic Contour Detection System

Contour Laser Scanner

This advanced Gema solution employs laser scanners to detect the most troublesome object shapes, ensuring outstanding coating results.

Dynamic Contour Detection finishes in two steps. 

Dynamic Shape Detection

Working in a two-dimensional area, laser scanners measure the distance to the component and calculate its outline.

Dynamic Shape Coating

Spray: The scanned object shape is segmented and translated into an accurate axis position and individual gun adjustments, with each axis independently positioned from the other.

The enhanced axes technology complements the Dynamic Contour Detection solution.

The advanced configuration and design allow for more guns and faster, more precise gun positioning and movement than previously available.


    • Dynamic contour detection improves the coating quality and consistency, automatically adjusting all relevant settings based on each object’s unique geometry.
    • It improved powder savings because each spray gun operates automatically and adjusts the spraying distance for optimal coverage.
    • Repeating the application process decreases the risk of human errors and manual touch-ups.
    • We scale the application procedure up or down to cover parts of almost any size.
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