CWF Capabilities

  • E-coat/Topcoat® on a single line
  • E-coat – Powercron 681-524HE (High-Edge Build)
  • Military CARC powder
  • Epoxies, hybrids, urethanes, and TGIC powders
  • Primers
  • Smooth, texture, wrinkle, and metallic finishes
  • In-stock variety of colors
  • Custom colors available

Our skilled employees, using innovative technology, exceed the demands of our military and OEM customers.

CWF e-coated components on assembly line
Components After E-Coat

High-Edge Build E-Coat

Parts exposed to harsh environments often receive extra protection, such as e-coating. High-Edge build e-coating improves corrosion protection, particularly on complex parts with sharp edges, corners, and high-edge profiles.

Contaminant Prevention

Producing a quality finish begins with a clean part.

Many finishing companies prevent contamination by focusing only on their cleaning processes, and we don’t—our approach to preventing contaminants begins with our climate-controlled building.

We also use a sophisticated dust collection system, reducing the possibility of contamination. Finally, we seal our floors with epoxy, making cleaning easy.

Laser Oxide Scale Edge Removal

Laser cutting has become ubiquitous in metal fabrication. Despite its efficiencies, a layer of oxide builds on components. Although the oxide layer is easy to remove with a fingernail, it creates problems with powder coating adhering to the metal. CWF includes laser edge removal in the first step in our wash cycle. The pretreatment acid dissolves surface rust and oxide scale, eliminating this potential problem.

9-Stage Wash

Our advanced 9-stage wash system provides a considerable cleaning advantage over the competition. The result? Parts are cleaner, allowing for better paint adhesion and fewer rejects and delays. Besides, the system uses 20% less water to clean better!

  • Cleaning
  • Laser edge removal
  • 9-stage Torrent washer system with remote tanks
  • Coral Guardian chemical monitoring
  • ARL-TTC490-compliant zirconium pretreatment

Curing Oven Advanced Controls

We understand the complexity of today’s coating options. Many unrelated processes are creating potential problems. Preventing issues using advanced controls is an essential step in our process.

For example:

  • We use multiple-zone heat controls to meet the color requirement in our curing ovens.
  • VFDs control airflow, delivering the best drying heat temperature.
  • Partition walls separate our ovens from the paint line.
  • We filter the air in our ovens, preventing contamination in the final stage of powder coating.

Oven Capabilities

  • Separated oven area with its filtered air
  • Cyclone™ ovens with 12 fans and 6 burners
  • Redundant control for cure temperature and oven temperature


  • Hot and cold rolled steel
  • Galvanized steel, aluminum, castings, and zinc-plated parts

Value-Added Services

  • Custom packaging
  • Detailed masking
  • Silicone and magnetic hole plugging


  • Climate-controlled facility with building pressurization and filtration.

Industries Served

  • Agriculture
  • Architectural
  • Construction
  • Defense
  • Display
  • Electrical
  • Furniture
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Lawn & Garden
  • Recreational
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