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CWF's dynamic contour detection powder coat system
Dynamic Contour Detection Powder Coat System

At Central Wisconsin Finishing (CWF), we excel in providing protective metal finishes. Our service area spans central Wisconsin, including Wausau, Stevens Point, Merrill, and from Green Bay to Eau Claire. Our specialty ranges from e-coating to powder coating.

Innovative Technology for Quality Assurance

Our Rothschild location boasts cutting-edge technology, including the 2Gen Gema Dynamic Contour Detection powder coat system, ensuring a consistent, quality finish by tailoring settings to individual shapes.

Our nine-stage washer system and advanced oven allow meticulous cleaning and precise finishing without overbaking. CWF stands out with a unique conveyor line for the United States e-coating and powder-coating processes.

Insights on Protective Metal Coatings

At CWF, we provide expert insights into the field of protective metal coatings through our dedicated blog. Here, you will find detailed articles focusing on key industry methods. These include e-coat and top coat applications, Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings (CARC), powder coating, and more!

With years of experience, our specialists share the latest trends, techniques, and technologies. Whether you’re in the industry or simply curious, our blog offers valuable knowledge to enhance your understanding of metal protection. Explore today to learn more.

Certified Excellence for Your Projects

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we provide unmatched quality and flexibility. If you’re a project manager or buyer in central Wisconsin, rely on our expertise for all your metal finishing requirements.

Contact Us for Your Metal Finishing Needs

Explore the benefits of our state-of-the-art metal finishes with Central Wisconsin Finishing today. With our consistent, high-quality services, your search for a reliable partner ends here.

We Provide

  • E-coat and Topcoat® on one line
  • Various coatings, such as Military CARC powder and epoxies
  • Custom finishes including smooth, texture, and metallic
  • In-stock colors and custom options

Exceptional Process Control

We exceed the needs of military and OEM customers through innovative technology and skilled employees.

  • High-Edge Build E-Coat: Enhanced protection for complex parts
  • Contaminant Prevention: Our climate-controlled building and dust collection system minimize contamination
  • Laser Oxide Scale Edge Removal: Included in our wash cycle, preventing adhesion problems

Advanced Cleaning and Oven Capabilities

  • 9-Stage Wash: 20% more water-efficient, resulting in cleaner parts
  • Oven Controls: Includes multiple-zone heat controls and air filtering

Metals and Value-Added Services

We work with various metals and offer additional services like custom packaging and detailed masking.

Industries Served

We cater to sectors including Agriculture, Defense, Industrial Equipment, and more.

Contact us today and elevate your projects with our top-notch metal finishing services.

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